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on vacation july 19-26!

asukashikinamis I don’t want her to step on me I want her to marry me maybe I’m just looking at it differently lol



I want to see people defending Asuka on my dash, the same way they defend Shinji.

She literally has just as much hurt and depression and anxiety in her life, she saw her mother die too, she had her father abandon her too, and she didn’t even get…

but why do all of u guys wants satsuki to step on you


"Free Wi-Fi!"


"Please ask a staff member for details."



when you say that you’re going to bed but then you see a thing you want to reblog


remember me - chapter 5


pairing; nalu!

summary; back at the guild, natsu is nowhere to be seen, and lucy is definitely not herself. erza and gray decide to take matters into their own hands to fix what has gone wrong in the group

read chapter one!

also available on || ao3

notes; shit goes doooooooooooooooooooown

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good morning, fairy tail! part four - lucy


aka, good morning, lucy!

summary; good morning, fairy tail! is basically a bunch of short little one-shots about the various and often unfortunate ways the fairy tail members and friends wake up in the mornings! yay!

rated: M (mostly for language/situation stuff like that though it’s not terrible)

also available on || ao3

notes; more ft characters coming soon too!! check the tag to see who’s been done already :)      

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